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Friday, October 29, 2010

Eli videos, old and new

We just downloaded videos from the past two years, and I'm asking myself...how did Eli get from here...

To here?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Eli has a wonderful vocabulary, but for the longest time it seemed like he mostly repeated what other people said, or talked about what he was thinking about. He still does that when he's feeling lazy, or not really paying attention, or doesn't understand what was said. He used to be bad at answering questions with a response other than yes or no. But lately he has started to converse with us. It's most evident to me when I pick him up from preschool and he tells me what he did. This is something that I was not a part of, and he is telling me about it. It's hard to explain how weird and exciting that is. I mean, we spend almost every waking hour together, so he doesn't have a lot to tell me that I don't already know.

Today was fire safety day at preschool. The fire safety van came to school and apparently some firefighter(s) showed Eli's class how to stop, drop, and roll, and how to spray out a fire with a hose. I know all of this because Eli told me. Weird! The whole thing had quite an impact on him, I think more than any other experience he's ever had. He talked about it all day, and even showed us how to stop, drop, and roll. I wish I could have been there to see the whole class doing it.

Also, when I was driving him home I asked him if he had any friends in class. He said "yes". I asked if he knew their names. He said "CJ". CJ! I happen to know this is the name of one of his classmates, but I don't know the kid. Eli was invited to CJ's birthday party. Now, it's possible that he knows CJ's name because CJ gets in trouble a lot. But still, it made my heart glow that Eli was able to name a friend...one that I didn't know.