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Friday, April 11, 2008

Fatty McGee

I have a friend (who shall remain nameless) who has a fat alter-ego named Fatty McGee. He's the devil on your shoulder who encourages bad habits and makes you fat. I'm starting to feel like Fatty McGee has picked up and is nestled firmly within my body. I don't really like any pictures of myself anymore, but I post them anyway--grudgingly.

I have two funny stories that are proof of my Fatty McGee manifestation. The first being that last weekend, when I flew home to Cincinnati, I took my seat and realized to my horror and the embarrassment of the woman next to me that...ahem...my seatbelt wouldn't buckle! I must qualify this by saying that the seatbelt was extremely short and the seatbelts on my other flights did fit. However, rather than facing the embarrassment of having to change seats, I held a book over my lap the entire flight so that the stewardess wouldn't notice my unbuckled seatbelt.

Then yesterday I attempted to wear a skirt that was not a maternity skirt, but has an elastic band and I thought I might be able to wear it below my belly. No such luck. To my pure shock, I couldn't get it past my thighs! Until that point I hadn't realized how much the rest of me was growing. Now I know.

People keep telling me how I'm "all baby" and I don't look big at all for being almost 6 months pregnant. But the facts don't lie. And the fact is that I've gained 25 pounds so far, and women are generally expected to gain a pound per week in the last trimester. I keep trying to figure out how I'm not going to end up with a 40 pound weight gain! Maybe I could lay off the cake and ice cream...nah!

I'm not complaining, I love my pregnant body and look forward to the last trimester, despite the miserable things I keep hearing. I generally feel good and am thrilled about what we're doing.


Susan said...

I won't inquire further about the who may or may not be the nameless Fatty McGee alter-ego. We'll just leave that one alone. But I must agree with those who say you're all baby. You look like skinny Andrea with a little extra tummy to me! I'm sure you're going to drop that baby weight in no time after you deliver. Me, it's taking more like three years.

Jim and Linda Wimmers said...


We wouldn't worry about a few extra pounds at this point. It makes for a nice cushion for the baby. You certainly don't show it. Besides, we suspect you will get back to fighting weight after a few weeks of Vollyball.


Mom and Dad

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