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Monday, September 15, 2008

Eli learned how to jump!

Okay, not really. But you can see this and other photos on our photo site here. As you can see from the photos, Eli is more awake and alert every day. You may not be able to tell this, but he is growing fast! His 3-6 month clothing is getting snug already. His 2-month birthday is Thursday and we also go for his 2-month Dr. appointment this week. He seems mighty healthy!


Anonymous said...

I think he's gonna be longlegged.. like you! lol
What a cutie!! But, I'm sure someone has told ya by now ;)
I keep missing you guys in the office.. hope to run into ya soon.
Keep taking care of each other ;)

Susan said...

When I saw your headline, I was like "Whaaaa?" Because Cassie JUST learned to jump, and she's 2. And she can jump about 1 inch off the ground.

He does look like a strapping young man. I'm sure all your BFing efforts are paying off!