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Monday, June 22, 2009

Briefly while Eli's napping...

And I'm taking care of things...

I'm loving staying at home so far. We've been pretty busy so far, going to Charlotte this past weekend for Eli's cousin-to-be's baby shower, and visiting with my dad here in Wilmington before that. Today we're just chillaxin and watching Wimbledon, thinking about all those times I watched Wimbledon with my mom. I wish she was here, but she'd be as disappointed as I am that Rafa's not playing. I'm glad she got to see him win last year.

Eli's walking now. He started almost 2 weeks ago with a few steps and now he hardly ever crawls. He is just so excited to be upright. I'll try to get Chris to post a video as evidence sometime soon.

My one regret with staying home is that Eli doesn't have kids to play with most of the day. But I'm working on that, trying to set up some play dates and such.

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