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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Anxiety Bites

Today was the first day since I've been a SAHM that has been on the challenging side. Eli seems to be suffering from a severe case of separation anxiety. Every time I stand up, he starts freaking out, whining, crying, screaming, begging to be held. I can't even walk to the kitchen anymore, which he can see from the living room, without picking him up and taking him with me. I am trying to teach him about hand holding, but sometimes he just wants to be held. I almost lost my temper over it today, then I felt bad because he only feels this way because he loves me. I guess I just have to trust that this is a phase and it will be over someday. I just fear that by giving in to his anxiety, I'll be creating a momma's-boy-sissy-pants. Does anybody out there have any advice?

On a positive note, in case anyone's lost track: Eli's first birthday is this Saturday! We already had one birthday party for him in Cincinnati on July 4, and we're having one at our house on the 18th with a luau theme! (This is going to be confusing for me when I'm old and trying to remember Eli's first birthday--"I seem to remember having a party in Cincinnati and one in Wilmington. Which was which? What the hay, hand me my dentures, Chris".) We're WAY more excited than Eli is, but he'll have fun when the day comes. I am crossing my fingers for no rain--we have invited more people than we can fit in our house, and the forecast is calling for rain. Maybe I should rent a tent.


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