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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Talleys are Moving!

In case anyone out there doesn't know yet, we are moving! Where, you might ask? The answer is somewhat complicated. We put our house on the market in September knowing that the average time that houses are on the market lately is 6 months. We wanted something bigger, in a more family-friendly neighborhood. Not that ours isn't friendly or safe, there just aren't many kids left in this aging neighborhood.

Much to our surprise, we went under contract 10 days after our house was listed. We even had competing offers! The offers were from first-time home-buyers looking to take advantage of the $8,000 credit, which at that time was set to run out Dec 1. Our agent assured us that there were so many houses on the market, we'd be sure to find at least 2 that we liked within a couple days. Little did she know who she was dealing with.

Turns out, my criteria makes our dream house a little hard to come by in Wilmington. All we want is a neighborhood with a pool and tennis court(s) and in walking distance to a park and a school, with a nice big house and yard, and friendly neighbors. To put it plainly, a combination of Fullerton Drive and Trestle Drive. We could afford such a house in Cincinnati or probably most parts of the country, but property in Wilmington is more expensive due to its proximity to the beach. Yes, I've been spoiled by living in great neighborhoods all my life, but I'm not going to compromise my dreams for Eli--we are waiting until we find the right place.

Next Wednesday we are moving to my parents' townhouse in Magnolia Greens. With the move and the anniversary of my mom's death coming up, and not a clue as to where we will finally settle, you may wonder, am I stressed? The answer is not complicated. Yes.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Chris broke his foot two weeks ago and is on crutches. He can't drive and he certainly can't move boxes...that's how he got hurt.


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Coffee Please!?! said...

HEY THERE ... found your blog accidentally ... I lost my dad in '05 to a stroke ... i know how sucky losing a parent is. congrats on the new home! toodles!