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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Merry Bohemian Christmas

Eli loved sitting on Santa's lap tonight. He walked right up, was happily handed over, smiled for the camera, and even said "cheese". We were so proud of him! Our only question is, what is up with Santa's head band?

We also enjoyed the little train ride around the outdoor mall, which was the reason for the trip. I have to admit, when we first saw the "Polar Express", which consisted of a tiny engine and 4 little two-seater cars, we thought, "We drove all the way here for this?" But we went anyway, because Eli's new word lately is "Shoo shoo" and we thought he'd like it, although I was a little worried about him sitting still for the 15-minute ride. I have to say, it BLEW HIS MIND. He was totally still and mesmerized the entire way. Oh, to be young and so easily impressed.

We also got to witness fake snow outside the movie theater. This is what we do in the south. It was like foam bubbles. It actually looked a lot like snow, but Eli kept saying "Bubbles!"