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Monday, March 22, 2010

The House

We finally bought a house. Not just "a" house, but "the" house. The day after we received an offer on our house, my friend took me to see this house in her neighborhood that she said was "under foreclosure". Ever since that fateful day of October 6, 2009, I have known that this was the house for us. I had a long list of demands for the perfect house (just ask our agent), and this house has it all. It is actually the only one in Wilmington that has it all. Trust me, I've looked. Namely:

-I preferred the Parsley Elementary school district, the best in town.
-Had to be in a neighborhood with a pool and tennis courts. This one has them across the street.
-Had to be in a family friendly neighborhood. Have not seen one that matches this one. It's even gated.
-Centrally located in Wilmington.
-Open floor plan: check.
-This house easily meets our square footage requirement, and then some.
-Not on my list, but an added bonus is that this house was custom built and designed, so it's very unique.
-Large, fenced-in backyard.

The very first day I went in that house, I thought, "Mom would love this house". Ever since then, I have felt that she has been watching out for us during this whole process because throughout our search I felt like there was this other voice in my head telling me the right thing to do, from going to the see the house on the first day, to getting out of the contract for the house I didn't love, to buying the house at auction rather than waiting for it to go to market. Although we had to wait longer than we would have liked for the house to finally go up for sale, the pieces eventually have fallen into place beautifully for us to buy this house.

I will write more later about the foreclosure process, but right now I just wanted to write about the house and post some pictures. Please check out the pictures at our photo site here. The files are too large to upload to blogger--sorry for the extra click.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful house.

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Anonymous said...

Andres and Chris,
I love the color of your new home! BLUE!!! The house really looks like a dream home. Congrats!


mamakennedy said...

I KNEW IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!! DID I TELL YOU??? WOW! You and Susan getting your dream houses. I hope I get mine someday. Enjoy it! It is gorgeous. Haven't seen pictures, but I was wondering if you would let two four year olds and a 34 year old art teacher move in?

Carolyn said...

Love the house! Gorgeous! So glad you are finally getting settled :) Give Eli a hug for me!

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