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Sunday, May 4, 2008

A New House!

We spent the weekend in Cincinnati at my cousin Eleanor's wedding. The wedding was beautiful and fun and touching. I think my 3rd-trimester hormones are kicking in because I cried throughout most of the ceremony. But it really was a beautiful wedding. The best part was seeing my mom dance at the reception!

When we got back to our house in Wilmington, we were surprised to see that it was a different color! Not shocked, because we had contracted a crew to do it, we just didn't expect so much of it to be finished when we got back. It's not completely finished, but it's on the way. For those of you who haven't seen the house before, it used to be light brown with the same dark brown trim. One of the things that is not yet finished is that the door is going to be red!

Hopefully this week the new carpet will be installed in our house, and then next week the inside of our house will be painted. Right now our house is in disorder while light fixtures and fans are being replaced and plumbing is being repaired. Which we are going to have to get used to for the next few weeks, months, and probably years.


Anonymous said...

Boy, that was quick! It seems like you only left a few hours ago. The house looks great, we're glad you're happy with it. Love ya,

Mom & Dad

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