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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two Months to Go!

Well, on Tuesday I hit my seven-month mark. I'm still feeling pretty good, except for some emotional ups and downs. Also, swollen feet!

The past couple of weeks have been weird. We've had contractors in our house almost every day, fixing stuff, painting, and replacing carpet. This photo was taken the night before the carpet was replaced. The house has pretty much looked like that for 2 weeks. And because of the fumes and dust, we've been sleeping mostly at my parents' condo. So between going to Cincinnati, sleeping at the condo, trying to find stuff in our huge pile, and living partially out of suitcases, it's been pretty crazy. We both look forward to getting our house back to normal now that the carpet is in--once we get back from Cincinnati next week!


Jim and Linda Wimmers said...

It was great having you back with us for Memorial Day weekend. And thanks for pulling off the surprise birthday party that your Mom will never forget. I know the travel was hard on you and Chris, and we appreciate your being with us for so long. It meant a lot to Mom, too. We can't wait to see all the renovations when we come down next, but of course since the next time we come down will be to see the baby, new carpet will probably not get noticed right away.


Anonymous said...

You look great!!! and so does the house. I can't wait to spend time with you guys at the shower this weekend!! I know you have had a grueling schedule lately, but Sunday is your day to relax and have fun.
Love ya,