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Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Week Til Due Date!

Sorry it's been so long since we updated this blog. We just haven't known what to say! I'm still pregnant and the baby is still "head-down, but face-up", but it seems like my body is progressing towards labor well. It's been a pretty quiet weekend, just waiting for something to happen...

Here are a few pictures taken by my friend in Cincinnati. I have to give him a plug here--he was very professional and made me comfortable, despite showing off my giant belly. If you are looking for a photographer for any occasion, visit his web site here. These pictures were taken about two weeks ago and I'm quite a bit larger by now, but I don't feel the need to produce evidence here.

Last weekend on July 4th, Chris' parents had a wonderful party for us at their beach house in Ocean Isle. We had a cookout, made homemade ice cream, and enjoyed seeing our family who we don't see often enough! Thank you, Briggs and Talley families, for everything!

I'm still working; unless something happens early, I plan to work up until this Friday and then maybe some half-days after that if I'm still around. Our bags are packed and we're ready to go any time, though. We will write a post here with pictures as soon as we have some news to share, so keep posted!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear!!!! Sue N

Anonymous said...

I wondered what took so long that day you and Linda went to see Susan. Now I know!

Anonymous said...

Awww I'm so glad you had some pics made of yourself. You have been beautiful throughout this whole pregnancy... but you are truly glowing in these shots:) And like everyone else, we cant wait for the good news!
(Keep in mind, I am betting on this wens afternoon... the 16th) See if you can work it out for me ;)
Enjoy ever kick you feel now.. you will miss them soon ;)
"Auntie Cynthia"

camarrow42 said...

I had a great time reading your blog. I didn't understand most of the medical stuff about the baby, but thankfully, I have a lot of ime to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

You look great!! Can't wait to hear!!!!
Rae and Jeremy

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous! i can't believe he will be here any day now! best wishes.
love, Eleanor