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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finally potty training

Okay, so last time we tried potty training, in November, we had several accidents in a day and reverted to pull-ups. Four days ago we tried it again, and although my nerves were frazzled from expecting an accident every five minutes, Chris pointed out at the end of the day that Eli had only had one accident. He wore underwear to school the next day and...no accidents! Day four, no accidents! I guess he's finally ready. With one month to spare before baby #2. Then we have a bunch more diapers to look forward to, and perfect timing for Eli to regress, which I hear happens a lot. Oh well, it's progress at least.

Speaking of baby #2, we have a few names we like, and are feeling them out. Which do you like?


Up until last week, we had no names, now it seems we like a new one every day. We may have a new one tomorrow! Stay tuned! =)


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Anonymous said...

Andrea and Chris,
Of course, I love the name Andrew. I vote on that one!