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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Dream of Wiener Dogs

So I (Chris) had a dream the other night. Wanna hear about it? Great, here it goes!

I dreamed of Dachshunds. Five Dachshund puppies actually. Andrea and I were moving into some new home with a huge back yard, and I opened this box and out shot five baby wieners!

From there, the rest of the dream was pretty silly; those hotdogs were running all over the place, and we weren't chasing them in a "gotta catch you before something bad happens" kind of way, but more of a "oh, I'm going to tickle you when I get you" sort of way, which was of course kind of corny, but whenever I see my parents' Dachshund Doogan, that's what I do...which I hear is considered a form of art in Finland.

Anyway, Andrea was interested in the dream and found this somewhere on the web. I will now commit plagiarism before your very eyes:

During the second trimester, a pregnant woman's dreams contain animals that are more baby-like, such as pups, chicks, and kittens. Depending upon her attitude toward the pregnancy, her mate, and her situation, the animal may be either threatening or lovable. Joan's dream (above) suggests she felt some ambivalence about the effect of the strange new creature coming into her life. Would its presence be destructive?

The presence of friendly animals — rare and charming creatures in dreams — is generally thought to represent a good relationship between the dreamer and his or her instincts. In the dreams of many pregnant women, animals are frequently cuddly and cute. You may find that the animals in your dreams develop from sea creature to land mammal, repeating the journey of primeval ancestors; at other times you may find you dream of your unborn child directly. Your feeling about the animal or baby reveals something about your attitude at the time of the dream.

So the moral of the story? If you find yourself suddenly transformed into a wiener dog in a dream, and you see me, RUN!


Anonymous said...

I'm a lil scared to ask what you ate before bed that night! haha

Anonymous said...

I hope someday baby boy can have a lovable dachshund like me, and it isn't a dream! I love the photo! Doogan