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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nursery Theme (or Lack thereof)

As soon as people found out we were expecting, they started asking us about our nursery theme. To which my response was always "I dunno". I didn't really want to give it much thought until we knew the sex. I always assumed, though, as did most of our friends and family, that there would be some kind of nature or animal theme, ourselves being nature- and animal-lovers, and those being such common nursery themes. However, as I did research on-line for nursery theme ideas and viewed pictures of nurseries with themes, I found that it was all just too over-the-top cutsie for my taste. I was having dinner with my friend Susan last week, and for some reason, it hit me like a flash--I would decorate in blue and brown. You see, I love that color combination and have always wanted to decorate a room in those colors, but have not had a room that would be appropriate. This is the perfect opportunity. The colors are both manly and appropriate for babies, and they make me happy. Plus I think the Talleys should be happy, as this theme incorporates UNC's color, "Carolina Blue". The photo is the bedding set I ordered on-line from JC Penney. Hopefully I will like the colors and the fabric in person as much as I like the picture--if not, we're back to square-one.


Susan said...

I like it! What about the style? More modern or classic? I saw that Target now offers DwellStudio for Baby. Maybe you would like it. I do.

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