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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still Just Looking a Little Chubby

I went to my prenatal yoga class this afternoon. There was a woman in the class who, I swear, looks 40 weeks pregnant. At least I think she looks how I'm going to look at 40 weeks. I later found out that she is only 24 weeks pregnant! Mind you, I am 18 weeks and look nothing like that. People keep telling me I should be glad not to be so big, but I just wish I looked pregnant rather than a little chubby. It is awkward to have to tell people I'm pregnant, and then they look down and wonder if I'm even past my first trimester. Of course I know this is due in large part to my tall stature--there's lots of room for the baby to lengthen out. The woman in my class said her stomach started "popping out" at 18 weeks. So maybe soon. I'm hoping the maternity clothes my mom and I ordered last weekend will get here soon, and they might also help me look more pregnant. The prenatal yoga class is great, by the way.


Susan said...

I know how you feel. Except instead of being tall and skinny, I was tall and fat. That baby just hid out under the fat for a loooong time. I started wearing obvious maternity clothes so people would know what was up.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to put in my two cents worth and say CONGRATS to you and Chris!!! Cant wait for the little fella to get here so we can all squeeze him!
(ps) don't worry so much about looking fat, like life in general, this too shall pass. And before you know it, you wont be able to see your feet!!!