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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Half-way there!

My mom said she thinks that what our loved ones out of town are most interested in is seeing pictures of me advancing through the pregnancy. Well, at Talleybaby, you get what you ask for! I am now at 4 ½ months—exactly half-way through a 40-week term. Looking a little more pregnant, I suppose, but it is still not obvious to many, even people who know me! I have also found that some days I look much more pregnant than others, depending on my clothing. Clothing for tall pregnant women is not easy to come by, by the way. I am doing a lot of shopping and not much buying. For the first time in my life, I am having alterations done professionally.

It is hard to believe that I’m halfway already. On the one hand, it seems like the first 4 ½ months went so fast, but on the other, I can’t believe I still have 4 ½ to go! I’m glad though, because we still have so much to do to get ready. We have absolutely nothing right now, except the bedding set (which I love) and a cute bib from Grandma Talley.


WMAG said...

I think you look just right for halfway! And by the time you get to 8 months, you'll feel like the last month of gigantorness makes up for the first few months of not looking really pregnant.

Have you tried one of those belly band things? They're like stretchy things that go under your shirts and over your pants? I didn't try them but in hindsight think I should have. Instead, I just walked around tugging my shirt down all the time. One of the brands is called BellaBand.

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!
Love Tim and Mary Anne

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